Commercial Photo Gallery

SERVPRO technician mopping a black and white floor

Wyckoff Commercial Water Damage Final Wipe Down

After the clean up and restoration of a property in Wyckoff with commercial water damage, the technicians carefully wipe down all surfaces, including mopping the tile flooring to ensure it gets returned to its pre-water loss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Baseboards removed, to start drying the blue, wet carpet

Fairfield Water Loss

The broken pipe drenched the carpet and the walls in several rooms of a home in Fairfield. The Photo shows how SERVPRO technicians can mitigate the water damage by removing baseboards and outlet covers to access damp areas for drying. Very soon the area can be cleaned of debris and equipment placed for the drying.

Commercial Water Restoration

This image shows some of the equipment we brought in to help expedite the drying process after this facility experienced a water loss. If your business has a water loss like this, give us a call!

Commercial Water Loss in Morris Plains, NJ.

Big concern! Is what we heard when our customer from this business that called us because of a water loss. Once we arrived to his office we understood his concerns, a big part of his office carpet was wet and it was threatening his computer systems. We acted fast and removed as much of the items needed to preserve them and to start the carpet drying process. We spent long hour helping our client, and at the end we were happy to help him to restore his property and help him to be open for business with all his systems in place.

Commercial Fire Loss in Hackettstown, NJ.

This devastating fire on one of our neighborhood businesses was massive. We got to this site and even thought we were glad that everybody was ok, we were heartbroken by the destruction of this site. As a business, we understand how difficult this situation is. Therefore, we make sure that we arrive on site as soon as possible to start the recovery process, so that your expecting closing time is less.

Commercial Water Damage.

This business suffered a water damage in the middle of the day. After they called us, our team responded and got there within minutes with the equipment necessary to stop the water source to avoid further damage. In this picture, one of our highly- trained technicians is taking action in eliminating the excess of water. After the dehumidifiers, water extractors, and other equipment were removed from site, our customers were able to continue performing their jobs. They trusted us in taking care of their needs and we were happy to serve them.

Water In The Conference Room? Call Us We Fix It

A conference room was affected by a water leak in the adjacent room. The carpet was absorbing the excess of water from that room and we needed to act fast. We are ready 24/7 to answer your questions and to take care of any type of disaster that affects your business.

Water Damage At The Office

We were called by a business owner after he found an excessive amount of water in his office. We explained the drying and cleaning process and assured him that after we performed our job, his office will look "Like it never even happened." We provided the equipment and the professionals to take care of his business. We completed the job, our client was pleased, and he was able to resume his duties the same day.

Car drove through store front

This one make us really proud. This store was seriously affected after a car drove through it. Once we got to this site we were able to get hands on and we had them re-opened and ready in four hours. We understand your needs, therefore we work as fast and safe as we can to help your business and make it look "Like it never even happened." We were able to help this business, let us help yours as well 973-810-2825.