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Practical Things to Note about Soiling in Dover Homes from Fire Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

soot damage on a wall and door of a bedroom When a fire occurs in your Dover home, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO. We are trained and experienced in all phases of fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO Offers Guidance and Assistance in Dover to Facilitate Fire Restoration

After a property disaster, many thoughts may run through your mind. The physical damage to valuables and structural elements is usually the primary concern, especially after fire incidents, since the heat and flames consume materials. Such incidents also leave Dover properties heavily soiled. Therefore, when preparing to address the damage, you should have a solid plan to tackle the soiling it causes.

Some of the things you notice in your Dover property after fire damage may not paint a clear picture. For instance, if the incident seems minor and is restricted to one area, such as the bathroom, you might assume every aspect of restoration needed, including the cleaning process, would be easy. However, an experienced team like SERVPRO understands that surface evaluation can be deceiving when dealing with fire.

The combustion process has many byproducts, and most soil various materials, whether fabrics, wood, stone, and plastic, in many ways. Ash, dry soot, and wet smoke residues are the most common results. Quelling the fire also contributes to soiling since it introduces water or fire-retardant chemicals within the house. The water readily dilutes residues driving them deeper into materials or causing staining in fabrics. 

Some important things to note:

  • A small fire does not always leave minimal soot
  • Soot is not a homogeneous residue
  • Fire intensity influences the physical condition of soils

The amount or quality of residues you have to remove from your property depends on what transpires during combustion rather than how far the flames spread. If the blaze is scorching, it consumes materials almost entirely, thus leaving minimal deposits. Residues also tend to be fine. On the other hand, a smoldering fire only manages partial combustion, thus leaving significant wet residues. 

Synthetic and Organic Residues

Fire residues can be simply described as a mass of black or gray deposits embedded or accumulating on surfaces. From this perspective, cleanup is expected to be straightforward, wiping off residues from surfaces. In reality, fire residues greatly vary, which affects the ease of cleaning. One of the factors with the most significant impact is whether the materials burnt are organic or synthetic. Organic material is a naturally occurring substance such as wood or cotton fiber, while synthetics are artificial and include plastics. 

Qualities of soot from organic sources:

  • Fine and powdery
  • Less pungent
  • Dry and easy to clean

The cleaning challenge is significant if the soiling left in your house by fire comes from synthetic materials. Such deposits tend to adhere to surfaces. Alternatively, the residues can be wet and smeary. Our SERVPRO technicians use distinct approaches to deal with soling from such residues. In the case of upholstery or fabrics, we use the salvage cleaning technique using 1 percent chlorine solution bleach. For structural materials such as wood, highly abrasive methods such as sanding or blast cleaning help strip off the stubborn layers of residue accumulating on the surfaces. For china and crystal, especially in kitchenware, the acidic properties of wet smoke residues can cause etching. Timely cleaning is the best solution to such an outcome. A method like ultrasonic cleaning helps remove the fire residues fast and effectively. 

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater has years of experience and is well prepared to handle any aspect of fire damage at your property, making it “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (973) 810-2825. 

Technical Restoration by SERVPRO in Dover Homes with Water Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on a water damaged floor Water damage can leave your Dover property with many issues. Trust our experts to make it "Like it never even happened."

Why Are Certain Actions Necessary in Dover Homes Undergoing Water Restoration?

Restoring your Dover property after water intrusion can seem challenging or straightforward, depending on your perspective of water-triggered changes. Actions such as extracting stagnant water or wiping wet areas are standard. However, the importance of something like blowing air over wet contents as part of addressing water damage may confound you. Knowing the technical processes that facilitate drying makes it easier to understand which actions are vital.

Whether you want to work on your own or involve a Dover water damage professional to handle the problem for you, having the correct information is essential. At the very least, it can help you manage your expectations and limit the chances of conflict with the people working for you. SERVPRO crew chiefs spare time to explain the processes we intend to utilize in your home and their importance in combating the loss.

Crucial things to know include:

  • Water readily changes form
  • A material can have several unique properties
  • Moisture is constantly moving

Water intrusion can originate from any section of a house, whether it is an opening in the roof, a pipe under a sink, or an overflowing appliance in the kitchen. Conventional wisdom would indicate the problem is restricted to the areas where you notice physical wetness. However, water damage can occur in any section of your house following such an incident, even if it is far from the leak point. Such unexpected outcomes develop because water quickly changes form after it spills. Evaporation and condensation can transfer a problem to the ceiling when it starts from the floor. Moisture also moves constantly, especially by wicking through materials or gravity flow. 

Technical Implications of the Moisture Changes

Controlling or limiting moisture movement is essential for successful drying. For instance, when restoring assemblies such as walls or ceilings, regulating the conditions at the top and bottom of the assembly helps ensure uniform drying. If you concentrate only on one side, you can run into roadblocks, or other advanced issues can arise. For instance, moisture from the wet concealed areas replenishes the dried spots. Materials like floorboards can also cup when moisture levels at the bottom are higher than at the surface.

Drying Requirements

Managing the conditions that facilitate drying is challenging, especially in vast or concealed areas. Our SERVPRO technicians take different actions to ease the process during water restoration. Creating access points to reach covered areas is one such step. Therefore, do not be surprised when our technicians punch holes at the base of the wall. Such holes provide a perfect access point to increase the airflow within the concealed area for sustained drying. Our crews can set up drying chambers for better humidity control when drying big rooms.

Heating is one of the straightforward actions people expect to facilitate the drying of wet items. However, you might have the wrong idea of how the heat eliminates wetness since it works indirectly by increasing the capacity of surrounding air to hold more moisture. Therefore, more water escapes from the materials into the air. If the moisture-rich air is cooled, the vapor quickly condenses and can wet the dried materials again. Heat also helps improve the vapor transfer rate from the core of semi-porous materials toward the surface. Our SERVPRO crews can use portable heaters, indirect-fired furnaces, or AC systems to regulate the temperature in water-damaged areas.

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater views any case of water damage from a technical perspective, thus adopting the right approach to resolve it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (973) 810-2825.

Safe and Long-Term Intervention for Dover Homes with Mold Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

containment barrier in a mold damaged living room Containment is essential when remediating mold damage in your Dover home.

SERVPRO Experience Overcomes Dover Mold Contamination

It is no secret that mold infestation creates risks once it develops in a property. Deterioration of structural materials and release of particulate matter are the main issues people fear. Some mold damage hazards might develop when you try to mitigate the problem, so it is better to involve a professional when the issue affects your Dover home.

Some of the safety issues that develop when your Dover home has mold damage emanate from your choices. Choice of restoration method, equipment, or chemicals can lead to adverse outcomes, including damages from residues or fires when chemical control products ignite. SERVPRO helps prevent negative consequences by choosing safe yet effective solutions.

Safe mitigation of mold damage starts with a clear understanding of the problem. The contamination is caused by different species of fungi that colonize organic materials, which they break down and consume as nutrients. The process starts when moisture activates microscopic spores lying on a surface. The problem only becomes apparent when a large colony forms and exhibits signs like discoloration and dark patches. Removing the colonies takes physical agitation, applying biocides and deodorization to manage the musty odors.

Ways to Contain Mold Development

  • Eliminating moisture sources
  • Killings spores
  • Removing unsalvageable materials
  • Refinishing and restoration

The moisture that activates mold spores can be from a temporary source such as flooding or a long-term one such as pipe leaks. If the source still adds moisture to a building, the problem keeps growing and spreading beyond the initially affected areas. Eliminating such sources is vital. Our SERVPRO technicians can help perform various actions against moisture, including regular or specialized water extraction or drying. 

Problems After Intervention Against Mold

Issues can arise from the very actions you take to manage an infestation. For example, drying needs to be closely monitored and managed to avoid spreading contamination. Drying involves using air movers. The air currents produced can spread spores and moldy residue across the house. Of significant concern is the possibility of contaminating the HVAC system with such residues, resulting in long-term indoor air quality issues. Spreading residues can also contaminate new areas. 

Drying also removes moisture from wet materials, releasing it into the air as humidity. Unfortunately, this is not a final solution since condensation can release moisture into the materials you intend to dry. SERVPRO professionals ensure sufficient dehumidification resources to extract humidity from the air.

Other useful precautions:

  • Using a dry deodorization technic
  • Turning off flames, flash, and ignition sources when fogging 
  • Using essential PPE such as respirators or bodysuits

Curtailing moisture supply resolves a mold problem only halfway. A complete solution needs to clean soiled areas eliminating signs of the contamination "Like it never even happened." Cleaning moldy soils is challenging compared to ordinary materials because you must collect all the fine residues from surfaces and crevices. Using wet cleaning methods is not ideal since it can spread the contamination further. Our SERVPRO technicians HEPA vacuum surfaces first before using other cleaning methods. We then damp-wipe the affected areas with antimicrobial detergents. The best cleaning products contain sporicides that effectively control fungal and bacterial spores.

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater can help ensure your home is safe from immediate recurrence after mold damage by addressing the root causes of an infestation. You can reach us at (973) 810-2825.

SERVPRO Helps Dover Homeowners with Fast Flood Removal After a Storm

9/13/2022 (Permalink)

Water In Kitchen Call SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 for fast and efficient service.

Why is SERVPRO the first choice of Dover residents for flood removal? 

Flooding after a storm can spell disaster for property owners. If flood removal from your Dover home is not done promptly, it can create major problems in the time to come. Taking help from professionals like SERVPRO can help you stay on top of things and prevent potential long-term issues. 

While getting rid of any standing water is the first step that SERVPRO techs engage in, flood removal from your Dover property involves much more than that. The biggest challenges that SERVPRO restorers face after this initial step include:

  • Getting the structure dry as soon as possible
  • Preventing the growth of microbes and other contaminants
  • Eliminating the odors (if any)

Restorers can't address the problem of contamination and odor unless the structure is dried to a preloss condition. Hence, the SERVPRO team first eliminates excess moisture using equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers. 

What Refrigerant Dehumidifier That SERVPRO Techs Use During Flood Restoration In Dover? 

Refrigerant dehumidifiers are the equipment of choice to accelerate drying your flooded Dover home. These dehumidifiers work similarly to an air conditioner and condense the excess vapors in the air to liquid water, thereby removing them from the air. SERVPRO techs use refrigerant dehumidifiers that use either conventional or low grain refrigerant (LGR).   

An LGR dehumidifier has the advantage of producing lower humidity ratio conditions than dehumidifiers with conventional refrigerants, which translates to faster drying rates. LGR dehumidifier is more effective in drying wood floors and other difficult materials. 

Call SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 to discuss your restoration needs. 

Our IICRC Trained Professionals Are Ready to Restore Your Hopatcong Home

8/9/2022 (Permalink)

Water leaking from drain pipe We have the equipment and experience to handle water damage in your home. Call us right away we are available 24/7 for all your restoration needs

Fast, Professional Results are Why SERVPRO is the Solution to Water Damage in Hopatcong

Every year, one out of every 50 homes have a water loss claim according to the Insurance Information Institute. A number of those homes are likely to be in Hopatcong, and the way you respond if yours is among them can significantly affect the outcome of any restoration efforts. A lineup of IICRC trained technicians, state of the art equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction is why our services offer a superior result.

Water damage in Hopatcong occurs due to a broad range of circumstances. Storms and accidents that destroy the integrity of your home’s structure can allow water to invade through roofs, windows, and siding. Tiny cracks to big breaks in pipes or loose connections let fresh or wastewater soak into structural components or contents. Spills and overflows or appliance malfunctions can flood areas of your home. Sewers back up and send foul liquids into lower levels. Each type of damage has its challenges, and our experience and knowledge are why we can respond most effectively.

Contamination of the water that damages your home potentially exposes your family to pathogens, chemicals, and other noxious substances. Evaluation of the category of water is crucial in planning for extraction and drying. Our team completes comprehensive training concerning contamination, which is why SERVPRO is best positioned to contain and discard the water safely and according to applicable regulations.

Even relatively clean water is immediately destructive to most building materials, dissolving cellulose-based wallboard and ceiling tiles and causing wood floors, trim, and cabinets to swell, warp, and buckle. We are Faster to any size disaster, explaining why SERVPRO crews are available 24/7. The earlier we arrive, the more likely we can salvage water saturated materials by removing standing water and using commercial-grade equipment to dry structural components and fixtures. Fast removal and rapid drying help avoid secondary damage such as mold growth and offensive odors which complicate and raise the cost of the restoration process.

Responsiveness and quality of outcomes are two of many reasons why SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater should be your first call for water damage assistance. Call us at (973) 810-2825 for round the clock help with any water emergency.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Protects Your Contents in Dover

8/9/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot on wall and ceiling Our techs have the knowledge, experience, equipment to make your fire damage “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Applies Fire Damage Restoration Techniques in Dover to Dry Surfaces Quickly

The devastation remaining after a fire in your Dover home is overwhelming. There is fire damage, and everything is covered in ash and soot. There is fire retardant and water soaking everything, and the odor from the fire has spread throughout the house. Many of our clients have no idea where to begin.

SERVPRO provides fire damage restoration services in Dover. Our technicians have the knowledge, the experience, and access to the equipment and tools required to return your home to its original condition, “Like it never even happened.” We remove contents and structures that are damaged beyond repair using controlled demolition techniques. We clean all surfaces, deodorize your entire home, and restore your items whenever possible versus replacing cherished heirlooms and treasured collectibles.

SERVPRO uses various cleaning techniques focused on the surface type and the type of soot or grime on your contents. For example, we spray a cleaning product on non-porous materials and wipe the surface with a dry-cleaning towel. We use this technique on appliances and hard surface furniture.

We use foam cleaning techniques on materials when the surface might be damaged from the excessive moisture of cleaning products. Foam cleaning works well with upholstery where shampooing is effective and will not damage these fabrics. Saturation techniques are also used when appropriate to clean a surface more thoroughly. Rest assured, SERVPRO will apply the correct cleaning approach to all the various eternal areas in your home, both porous and non-porous.

SERVPRO provides the following fire damage restoration services for our clients after they experience a devastating fire in their home:

  • Smoke Remediation
  • House fire cleanup
  • Water and fire restoration

Call SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater for fire damage restoration services. We provide service to Dover and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (973) 810-2825.

What is the Difference Between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation for Your Dover Home?

8/9/2022 (Permalink)

Hand pulling wallpaper back revealing mold Your SERVPRO Franchise professionals can remediate mold in your Dover home.

Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation for Dover Homes

Caring for your Dover home can seem complicated, especially when there are many technical terms for restoration and recovery services. You might not always know what you need and who should do it. Still, once you can appreciate the differences between approaches to mold damage recovery in your home, you can better understand how to proceed with getting the situation resolved.

A considerable misunderstanding happens between companies that offer mold removal and those that provide mold remediation for your Dover residence, like ours. The more you can appreciate what each of these means, the better prepared you are to reach out to our skilled SERVPRO team to help you overcome the effects of mold growth in your home as promptly as possible. With mold growth, time is of the essence to act quickly, so make sure that you are making the decision with a point of clarity.

Mold Removal 

Companies that offer mold removal services misguide customers into a false sense of security about the work done within their homes. In truth, there is no feasible method of removing mold entirely from a property because spores exist naturally at a microscopic level throughout almost every area you might encounter throughout your day. To offer complete mold removal, you would be telling customers that you could eradicate not only the colonization that has occurred but any spores that might also exist in the environment.

Mold Remediation 

Mold remediation, on the other hand, focuses on removing active mold growth and colonization through antimicrobial spray, sanding, soda blasting, and demolition. This remediation also allows our IICRC trained team to provide a comprehensive restoration and reconstruction effort for your house. These approaches can eliminate the spread of this organism throughout your affected property. Still, it also does not suggest that our SERVPRO Franchise professionals can remove all mold spores from your home.

Knowing these terms can help you to appreciate your options and choose our experts at SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater. You can reach our professionals 24/7 by calling (973) 810-2825.

How SERVPRO Restores Commercial Water Damage in Dover

7/12/2022 (Permalink)

Technicians and Equipment When your business suffers a water loss event, you are working against the clock to dry the water. Call us today. We are equipped and ready to go!

Commercial Water Removal Services Gets Your Fabric and Craft Store in Dover Back to Normal for You and Your Customers 

After Dover has a massive storm that pushes water into your store, you need to do more than mop-up things and put out ‘wet floor’ cones. SERVPRO can clean up so you don’t face unpleasant, musty odors in the future, as well as any other potential issues. We know your customers do not want to encounter this and expect to be greeted by the odor of crisp fabrics and recently cleaned floors instead. 

SERVPRO can mitigate any possible damage in your fabric and craft store in Dover with commercial water removal services. Many business owners find that this is a cost-effective way to prevent water damage, and mold infestation, in addition to clearing away the substances that cause malodorous conditions to develop. Tile flooring, standard in many retail settings, includes spacing between each tile where water can seep in and remain. The most absorbent towels cannot reach into the underside of these tiles and get that water out. 

When our Green Fleet arrives, we bring unique floor mats that, once taped down to the floor and attached by flexible hoses to our Injectidry system, pull any water trapped below the tiles out through these crevices. We understand that you have little control over the cleanliness of the parking area outside your store. Decomposing food items dropped in the parking lot, automobile fluids, and salts from de-icing efforts can all cause serious problems if left underneath these tiles. Extracting these substances, along with the water, keeps many potential future problems from developing. 

The migration of moisture occurs in several different ways. People coming into the store can carry moisture on their footwear in only one way. Once this moisture enters the air, it can migrate elsewhere and create dampened pockets. If it reaches high enough percentages, it can change the environment enough that microbes can begin growing. Spots on clothing detail mildew. Sizing and other finishes applied by manufacturers only slightly protect new fabrics. 

To protect your inventory, we cover each table of fabric bolts, shelving displays, and bins with clear, durable plastic sheeting. This protective covering also keeps the high-velocity air movers from blowing smaller items into a jumble and helps keep things organized. If needed, we apply antimicrobial agents, perform deodorization tasks, and ensure that no permanent damage takes place to your store’s flooring. Continued dampness in the subfloor can cause tiles to crack from the unevenness that develops, but we can stop this by using water removal techniques to mitigate the area.

Serving businesses throughout Hopatcong, Jefferson, and Stanhope, SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater, reach our water removal technicians by calling (973) 810-2825. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and always ready to answer your call. 

Understanding Fire Damage Remediation in Dover

7/12/2022 (Permalink)

Bedroom After A fire Fires happen every day. Be prepared to call SERVPRO to get your home back. We are standing by 24/7 for your emergency call.

Fire Debris Removal Experts In Dover Discuss The Importance Of Air Scrubbers

If a fire ever sparks inside your Dover home, the results could be catastrophic. An inferno can quickly grow if given enough oxygen and fuel, which could cause you to have to conduct fire debris removal. If the blaze burns hot and long enough, it could torch many of your building materials and contents. In some situations, items can be restored, but in others, they must be removed and replaced.

For example, if wooden items such as your wall studs get torched and are charred more than a quarter-inch deep, they may have to be removed and replaced by a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. As a part of several fire debris removal projects in Dover, burnt items must get removed and properly disposed of. It is vital that when removing charred items, soot does not spread to previously unaffected areas. Sometimes, we set up a containment chamber to trap any dust and soot created during the demolition process.

During several restoration projects where our SERVPRO technicians set up containment chambers, we also utilize air scrubbers. These scrubbers suck in the contaminated air and push it past a high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter. The filter traps any dust or soot particles before the air gets exhausted from the machine.

We can attach the air scrubber to the containment chamber by cutting a hole on the side and attaching plastic to the air scrubber. The hole cut into the contained area. Once the air scrubber is turned on, negative air pressure is created inside the contained region. The negative air pressure causes any dust created during the demotion process to be sucked into the scrubber and pulled past the HEPA filter so that the debris does not spread to previously unaffected rooms in your house.

Air scrubbers can also clean or scrub the air in an affected area after all burnt items have been removed and replaced. Once all charred contents and building materials have been discarded in sealed plastic bags, the air scrubbers can continue to pull any dust or soot out of the atmosphere. Air scrubbers can also be run in unaffected areas of your building to ensure that no dust or soot remains inside your home.

For professional assistance after a fire, call SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Tasks Necessary for Restoring Mold Damage in Dover Homes

7/12/2022 (Permalink)

Mold by wall plug Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the mold damage in your property. Call now!

SERVPRO Offers One-Stop Mold Remediation in Dover 

Once you notice dark patches, browning, and other imperfections such as bubbling paint, you can be confident that your home has mold damage. Knowing is good, but you must take action to contain the problems and restore your Dover home to its preloss condition.

The problems you see on the surface seldom reveal the entire mold damage in your Dover home. You need to work hard and have the right resources to reach all the affected areas. You can also engage a professional team like SERVPRO to mitigate the contamination on your property. Such intervention is convenient and ensures a proactive approach is utilized.

Necessary processes to combat mold 

The accumulation of mold colonies creates significant residues, including the remnants of organic materials ravaged by the infestation. Thorough cleaning is essential to remove this debris and other forms of soiling. SERVPRO helps ease the cleaning by supplying specialized equipment that can remove residues without using moisture. The resources are especially helpful for tackling unique cleaning tasks such as removing mold colonies from HVAC ducts, if possible. Non-metallic duct work requires replacement.

Duct Cleaning

Unlike cleaning mold from furniture or walls where you can take action directly, duct cleaning requires additional steps. Our SERVPRO crew first section of the return and supply lines. We then use rotary brushes to dislodge any colonies and fine debris before using negative air pressure or a vacuum to extract the unwanted materials from the system.

Mold developing in other structural areas might also be difficult to address. Wall and ceiling spaces are particularly challenging because the panels conceal the development. These areas also contain varying materials, including insulation, plumbing, and electric cables. Controlled demolition is necessary to remove the materials and clean remnants of the infestation. Reconstruction ensures any demolished areas regain their preloss state.

Necessary reconstruction work

  • Replacing any removed materials
  • Laying new surface covers
  • Painting or applying other finishes

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater is well prepared to handle any task to resolve mold damage. Call us at (973) 810-2825. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.