Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Sussex Garage

This attached garage in Sussex had fire damage from floor to ceiling. The technicians wear protective clothing when dealing with fire loss cleanup to avoid brea... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Port Murray Home Requires Tear Out

When it comes to Port Murray homes with fire damage, SERVPRO techs never know the true extent of the loss until the cleanup of charred materials begins. The tec... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration In Dover

Our fire damage specialists responded to a call about a fire in a Dover home. The property suffered significant damage and needed our help. Our technicians arri... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair And Restoration In Dover

A homeowner in Dover contacted our crew about a fire damage event in their home. A heater caused a significant amount of damage to the home. Our crew arrived an... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Byram

The first picture shows the devastating effects that a small fire can have on your kitchen. A regular day that involved dinner time was transformed after the st... READ MORE

Horrific Fire Loss In Andover NJ.

The last thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking about grilling some food and having a nice day with friends and family, is that day ending up in a ... READ MORE

Puff Back in Blairstown, NJ

This is a Puff Back that happened in Blairstown, NJ. It was a gas fireplace where the fake logs failed to ignite properly and caused the puff back to travel th... READ MORE

Kitchen fire in Byram Township, NJ

This kitchen fire in Byram Township, NJ had totally consumed the stove, above vent, and cabinets. Soot was forced all throughout the house. We were able to g... READ MORE

Chimney Fire damage in Hopatcong, NJ

This is a two story home in Hopatcong, NJ that was damaged by a chimney fire that backed up into the house. The whole first floor was covered in a layer of soo... READ MORE

Fire from a cigarette placed in the garbage can

The customer was tired and had a cigarette before bed. Used the rest room and put the cigarette in the garbage can and went to bed upstairs. About 45 minutes la... READ MORE